Chrome: Google’s Sleek and Speedy New Browser.

Chrome offers users control not clutter!

Recently released in Beta, Chrome is remarkably speedy, clean looking and offers users lots of flexibility for deep web searching.

Interested? For instructions on downloading to your PC or Mac visit


2 thoughts on “Chrome: Google’s Sleek and Speedy New Browser.

  1. yes indeed it is very fast..i have downloaded right after it came out. so far its been good.but still there are some technical issues. such as sometimes it shuts off without notice. and some of the things online such as media files are comprehansibily compatiable. also, when you try to play a mp3 file or a video it plays in quicktimes instead of windows media player. so therefore, i think they should embed the windows meida player as a default player in it. other then everything is great,,,,,its awsome,,,,,,

  2. Thanks for your comment Ali! I’m glad you’re enjoying Chrome. Apparently it presents a few issues when editing web 2.0 apps but I’m sure these and any other problems will soon be resolved.

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