QR Codes?!

Some wonder, “What is that big black and white square on the web page?” You’re not alone! Many of us have no idea what it is. FYI: it’s a QR code.

QR codes are pretty cool. Do you have a cell phone with a camera and access to a 3G network? Perfect, try our QR code and check it out! First, download the free QR code reader to your phone. Visit http://tigtags.com/getqr to see the QR code reader that is right for your phone.

Once your QR reader is downloaded, point your phone’s camera at the code directly above and scan it.

Voila! You are directed to our catalog search page.

What else are QR codes used for? They can guide us to websites, videos, quizzes, PDF’s, tutorials and slideshows. Library application of QRs are endless. We could place QR codes around the library directing you to information about certain sections, such as reference, history, home economics or science. Some of our more popular books can be labeled with QR codes. The code would display a synopsis of the book, naming other similar books you may find useful. What’s more, you could scan various codes in the library to download a MP3 audio tour of our different resources and sections.

Please comment below if you have a suggestion for how your library should implement QR codes. Vote here for the best way we can utilize the code. Here are the current poll results:
Poll Everywhere


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