Need Help with Your Research Paper or Assignments? Text Us! :-)

ACCC_text_PhoneSM2The libraries at Atlantic Cape Community College now offer Text-a-Librarian, a text messaging service or SMS that’s available to all Atlantic Cape students, faculty and staff.

How do I text the library a question?
  • It’s easy! Start your text message with askaccc, add a space. Next type your question and send it to 66746.  Example: askaccc What are 3 great books on the civil war?
What kinds of questions can I text?
  • Simple questions are best (there’s a 308 character limit for each answer) but we can also help you get started on more complex research assignments.
Is this a 24/7 service?
  • A librarian will reply as quickly as possible. You will receive an answer during the library’s regular business hours.
What about privacy?
  • Text-a-librarian is private and secure. Your wireless number is confidential.

Is there a charge?

  • Research assistance offered by the library is free of charge but please check with your wireless carrier for additional fees that may apply for text messages.

Need more information? Contact us:


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