Do You Know How to Talk to a Library Database?

Databases are online libraries that contain among other publications, thousands of articles from magazines, newspapers and scholarly, peer reviewed journals. Databases have information from sources that may not be available through search engines such as Google. In addition, there are databases that specialize in a specific area or discipline such as psychology, business or medicine. However, getting the very best results from a database requires well thought out search terms. Check out this video from Kent State University Library for tips on how to “talk” to a database. 🙂

Test drive a library database from home. Contact the library for your username/password combination and login by clicking the off campus database log in link at the top of this page:

Need more help with searching databases? AskALibrarian! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Do You Know How to Talk to a Library Database?

  1. Thanks a lot, Ellen–the video “Talking to Databases” will really help my students in their searches. I embedded it in my ALPS class and my English 101s! Good find!

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