Getting what you need from E-Books

Having trouble finding the information you need from a physical book?  With E-Books, you can instantly view chapter and section titles from the Table of Contents.  So… for example, say you’re looking for information about media influence on beauty.  Once you’ve found an E-Book with a title that looks relevant, you can quickly pinpoint the section with the info you need by clicking on Table of Contents, which instantly reveals chapter titles and even smaller sections within chapters.  Then, it’s just a matter of clicking on the section that has the info you need.     


Another option for locating specific information in an E-Book is to use the Search within feature.  Once you have opened your E-Book, click on the first icon (it looks like a paper with a magnifying glass over it) from the list of Tools on the right side of the screen.  This will open up a search box, and you can search for a specific word(s) within the E-Book –and you will be taken to sections containing that word(s).  This is a great way to quickly find information without having to click through page after page of the E-Book.   


Once you’ve located the pages with the info you need, you can print or email those pages easily by clicking on the print icon (mini printer) on the right side of the screen under Tools and specifying the page range you wish to print.  Or, you can email the pages/section to yourself by clicking on the email icon (mini-envelope) and typing in your email address.  The pages will be emailed as a PDF file. 


 Well, there you have it!  Just a few tips for finding research quickly and efficiently using E-Books.  See you in the library!


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