Research Focus: EBSCO Discovery Service

Looking for a simple and powerful research tool to jump start your papers? Try our college’s EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS).

EDS offers the ability to search the entirety of the college’s EBSCOhost collection — all from a single search location. You can find this service easily from the Library website (***REMINDER — If you are off-campus, you must use the off-campus log-in to access the Research Databases***):

Start by clicking the “Research Databases” tab found on the library website.


Click the link for “EBSCOhost”

and then:

Scroll down!

where we find:

EBSCO Discovery Service!

You also have the ability to limit the results to Full-Text Documents (purple arrow) or Academic Journals (yellow arrow) with  just a couple of clicks!

The “Research Starter” (green arrow) at the top of the page offers a great overview resource of paper topics.

If you need help regarding EDS, try this help link. And you can always stop by Spangler Library!


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