Research Focus: Opposing Viewpoints

Having trouble getting started on your research paper? Can’t think of an interesting topic? Look no further than Opposing Viewpoints in Context found in the Library’s Research Databases.
OP - home

Opposing Viewpoints offers a ton of resources. It has online encyclopedia articles, scholarly journals, news, multimedia (images, video, sound), even statistics and primary sources! And the best part — everything you find through Opposing Viewpoints is 100% citable for your research papers. This is where “Works Cited” pages are born.

If you need help thinking of a topic, Opposing Viewpoints also has a super helpful “Browse Issues” section. Here you can find links to topic pages on various subjects that are perfect for research papers.  Issues include everything from “medical marijuana” to “music censorship.”

Don’t forget, if you need help using Opposing Viewpoints or anything else during the research process — please contact the library!

You can text-a-librarian at 66746 with the subject “askaccc” or email the library here.

We are here to help!


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