4 Study Tips For Finals

studying student


Gearing up for finals?  Here are four study tips that can keep your mind fresh and alert.


1) Use the “cornell notes” method to take notes and better understand topics:

Questions/keywords in the side margin, notes in the center of the page, and a summary on the bottom of the page

2) Try an online flashcard website:

I like to use “Quizlet” — it’s a great free  site that helps you create your own digital flashcards and gives you access to a huge database of flashcards  created by other users.

3) Take notes using different color pens:

This fires up your visual memory and also makes note-taking more enjoyable (and far more visually appealing).

4) Take breaks every 25 minutes or so:

Try to study seriously for 25 minutes and reward yourself with a 5 minute break afterward — this can keep your mind fresh and increase mental agility (also known as the Pomodoro technique).

Good luck on your final exams and assignments!


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