Visual Information Resources for your Research

Interacting with information through visualization allows us to learn in a whole new way. It can make “dry” data exciting and reveal “hidden” relationships. Check out some of these interesting examples for your research.

  • Open Knowledge Maps – Open Knowledge Maps is a mapping interface that sources Open-Access Journals into “bubbles” of data on academic topics. Try searching “quarks” or “lasers.”
“Music Timeline” – A Project from Google’s Big Picture Group
  • Google’s “Big Picture Group” – The Big Picture Group works on visualizing all kinds of data ranging from things like the periodic table to a visual music popularity timeline.
  • Information is Beautiful – David McCandless’ website can teach us a great deal about what we can find in data. He and his team put together a number of amazing graphics and visualizations.

It is extremely important, when interpreting visual data, to understand its methodology and display design. The simpler a chart, the easier it can be to manipulate the viewer; always check your axes, read the research, and dig deep to understand exactly what you’re looking at.


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