“Office” App Alternatives

There are excellent web apps that are free-to-use. They can both make your life easier and your papers and presentations more exciting.

For Papers:

  • Google Docs: A very popular web-based word processor, Google Docs is constantly updating and improving. A tip: Try the “more fonts” button at the bottom of the font-selection menu.

For Posters & Design:

Canva.com’s web interface being used to make a web graphic for library promotion.
  • Canva.com: A quick, useful design tool, Canva offers many images, fonts, and graphics so you can make flyers and designs for web publishing. Can’t find a free image or graphic for your needs? Try uploading your own!
  • Easel.ly: An excellent engine for designing infographics, Easel.ly lets you display your data based on excellent and attractive templates.

For Presentations:

  • Haiku Deck: While similar to Powerpoint, Haiku Deck interfaces directly with the web and brings a contemporary style to your slideshow that can garner attention.
  • Prezi: With a signature “animated poster-board” style, Prezi swoops and spins across slides arranged on a single surface to keep viewers engaged and, sometimes, a little dizzy.

If you need help with any of these apps — just come to the library!


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